Press Review – Covid: end of the state of emergency. What will change as of 1 April

After two years, Italy is preparing to say goodbye to the covid state of emergency. Today, 31 March 2022, is in fact the last day on which the measure taken by the Conte and Draghi governments to stem contagions and deaths in the country will be in force. So from tomorrow, 1 April, the gradual relaxation of more restrictive measures and rules will begin.

Here is what will change.

The super green pass will be archived (it remains compulsory for cinemas, theatres, discos, gyms and swimming pools), while the basic green certificate (which is obtained with a negative swab) will remain necessary to access indoor activities, such as restaurants.

Instead, it will be possible to eat outdoors at bars without a pass, which will also no longer be necessary in hotels, shops and local public transport.

Masks remain compulsory indoors for another month.

The passage brings with it two other important news: the end of the regions’ colours to determine the degree of risk linked to the pandemic and the reinstatement of unvaccinated school staff suspended in the last three months from their posts, even if not for teaching.


From 1 April, the rules for quarantine will also change: after close contact with a Covid positive person, the distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated persons will no longer be made, and everyone will be required to undergo a 10-day period of self-monitoring and wear an Ffp2 mask, while positive persons will continue to be isolated.


In schools of all levels (6 years and above), masks remain compulsory, but surgical masks will suffice. In the presence of at least four positive cases among students in the same section or class group, activities continue in the presence of teachers and educators, as well as children over six years old, the use of Ffp2 masks is foreseen for ten days after the last contact with the positive subject.

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