Press Review – Coachella, Måneskin set California on fire

Måneskin rocked Coachella: the Roman band invited fans to “make noise” on stage at one of the most eagerly awaited festivals on the world music scene, back live after a two-year stop due to the pandemic in Indio, Riverside County, California.

The Roman band formed by Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Ethan Torchio and Thomas Raggi performed for forty-five minutes.

The performance began with “Zitti e buoni”, the song with which Måneskin triumphed last year at the Sanremo Festival and the Eurovision Song Contest. And then “In the name of the father”, “Mammamia”, “Beggin'”, “I wanna be your dog”, “I wanna be your slave” and “Gasoline”, a tribute to the victims of the war in Ukraine. Damiano introduced it, quoting Charlie Chaplin’s war speech in “The Great Dictator” and recalling the “privilege of living” while “bombs are falling on a city”. During the song, Putin’s face briefly appeared on the big screen behind the band. Then, the final message shouted by the singer: ‘Free Ukraine, F*** Putin’.

As always, the frontman also left his mark with his look: black leather boots and shorts, fishnet stockings, studs and a sort of pink tulle duster that he took off during the performance. The band performed at Coachella as part of the TheWeeknd line-up with The Swedish House Mafia, fulfilling yet another dream and completing the mosaic of successes they have collected in the US and around the world.

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