Press Review – An Italian child writes to Putin: ‘Stop this horror’

“Stop this horror that has forced us to watch helplessly for a month so that each of us can once again fly the kite of life, peace and freedom”: it’s the concluding sentence of a letter written to the Russian leader Vladimir Putin by an ‘almost eleven-year-old’ boy from the fifth grade of the ‘Tommaso Morlino’ primary school in Avigliano (Potenza).

“Listen to the voice of Pope Francis: stop! Stop all the men you have sent to fight before it is too late,” the student writes again. “More and more often we are told that children follow the example of adults. Surely this is so, but if we did so in this day and age, before we even understood what it is to live, we would know cruelty and death. Yes, Mr Putin, you can be proud that you have taught us what supremacy, violence, disrespect for the human being is. He can be proud of all the pain, the tears, the suffering of so many children, mothers, grandparents and especially fathers who, having saved their loved ones, return to their city to fight. Broken families, broken lives that will never see a kite fly, watch a sunset, marvel at a rainbow”.

Finally, the child emphasised that, “if ever there was a grain of positivity, we owe it to the Ukrainian people who taught us the value of the homeland, the sense of belonging to a nation that unites people in the name of the same traditions, of the same history in which we should all see ourselves, defending not only our nation, but the whole of Europe”.

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