Poor Gull…

You all know the neo-melodic song that has become famous on social networks by the name of “POOR GULL” but who wrote it? … ..

Today we will tell you a little bit of curiosity about this song …

You have all surely heard it at least once in these early months of 2022, in fact, the song is not out now but 13 years ago, the singer who launched this song is Gianni Celeste but do you know who wrote the lyrics? nobody knows but we, with careful research, found out who wrote it, it was Franco Stino, grandfather of a friend of mine (I’m Rachele D’Agostino). Franco Stino wrote it in Naples on a piece of toilet paper while he was resting on a rock near the sea, he saw two seagulls, one female, and one male and at one point the female flew Franco Stino was a very good friend of Gianni Celeste so much so that at the time he decided to give him the merits of the song, then he and Gianni Celeste broke up but Franco Stino did not explain why so Gianni Celeste took all the credit for the song.

The song is called “TU COMM’A ME” and if you google the text well you will notice that scrolling the slide it says that the composer is Franco Stino. This is the truth of the facts but without discrediting Gianni Celeste we only hope that the credit will also be given to Franco Stino.

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Rachele D’Agostino e Beatrice Milazzo


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