Politically correct is an excuse used by the media to spread their news and produce debates and confusion where it is not needed. Such a strong sentence can start a discussion but before continuing with accusations or recriminations, let’s start from the beginning.

The meaning of ” politically correct” has undergone several revisions. At first the term was used to describe something that conformed to established political, legal or social rules and conventions. Later in the 1920’s, the Soviet Communist Party began to use the concept of political correctness to impose strict adherence to the party line in any aspects of life. Only after 1975, this term began to change till it got the meaning we mostly use today, that of the ideological and cultural orientation of extreme respect towards everything, in which any potential offence to some categories of people is avoided.

Theoretically it works but the truth is that it doesn’t. In the 21st century it is used more as a weapon than as a tool for inclusion. Here’s some examples of what we mean.

Last year various on line newspapers started a discussion on the removal of the magical kiss in Snow White (the on by Disney). They were urged by a mass of people guided by the “politically correct”, because this kiss was considered non-consensual. However the truth is another. This alleged group never existed, they were just articles spreading false news to get more people to read them.

During Christmas 2021 rumors aroused about an imminent ban of the freedom to wish Merry Christmas by the European Union. If we dig deep enough we discover that it was not a ban but a recommendation to employees of the EU. These recommendations did not apply to us ordinary citizens, so it would have been highly desirable to avoid headlines like “Stop Saying Merry Christmas”.

In conclusion it seems that the “politically correct has good intentions itself, unfortunately, as shown in the two examples above, these are obscured by various presences that use it to make their news travel and make it viral and sensational, spreading a climate of tension where it is not needed.

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