Our globe is 80% covered by the sea; in this expanse of water there are more than 5 billion tons of plastic waste that, due to the currents, create the so-called ” plastic islands ”. This phenomenon is expanding like wildfire and has become a huge problem everywhere, as plastic, like other waste, has toxic effects on the environment and consequently on our health.

Sea creatures feed on plastic which can be found inside them and which causes the death of a considerable number of biological species, also affecting the food chain and consequently the health of man who, unaware or guilty, depending on the point of view, poisons himself and endangers the future of the world.

Industrialized countries produce an ever-increasing amount of plastic that is relentlessly poured into our waters. The beauty of the landscape is defaced and raped by man; a relevant example is the Caribbean, whose beauty is being turned into an open-air landfill. This is a real shame because what was unanimously considered as an earthly paradise, is losing its splendour.

Unless healthier and more effective environmental policies are implemented, the massive and ever-increasing presence of waste will contribute to a global disaster, difficult to heal. Will man be smart enough to prevent it?

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Chiara Schinello


IV AL Liceo Linguistico Galilei Spadafora