The origins of pizza can be traced back to the Romans and thier traditional “picea”, a sort of bread with tomato. At the end of the first millennium and the beginning of the second, the name of pizza had already been accepted, even if their pizza was flat and round and similar to the ordinary flat cake. A recipe from the 1850s descrive something much more like the popular food we know as pizza today. According to the recipe, the early pizza was a piece of bread rolled out into a flat, round shape, topped with oil and then baked in a oven. The recipe also lists other ingredients, such as garlic, cheese, herbs and thin slices of fish. For a long time, pizza remained a regional speciality, but in the 1905 the first Neopolitan pizzeria opened in New York. Many years later pizza had become established not only in the USA, but also eagerly eaten in northern Europe. In Italy pizza is strictly related to Queen Margherita and her visit to Naples. In that occasion, the delicious snack was made with tomato, cheese and basil. It was a success!.Today pizza in mentioned in Guinness World Records. The society of pizza-makers regularly organises competitions in which the most talented pizza-makers are rewarded, not only for unusual creations, but also for their sometimes acrobatic skills. In the 21st century, pizza is eaten al lover the world and has perhaps overtaken spaghetti as our idea of typical Italian food. Even in the most remote towns and villages, there is often somewhere to buy and eat pizza. Pizza is loved al lover the world from adults to teens and if you want to try your skills as a pizza-maker, your local market is sure to sell all the necessary and deliciuos ingredients.

Have a good lunch!

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