Physical beauty

Nowadays, the race for perfection has become fundamental, especially after the establishment of fashion dictated by “influencers” on Facebook, Instagram, and various social networks. Everyone aspires to have a perfect body and if necessary resorts to plastic surgery to obtain it, not realizing that many times the photos of the models are edited and don’t look like that in real life.

Of course, social media plays a determining role, because we see that body beauty is used to sponsor any kind of product, whether it is a perfume, a cream, or a car. In society, looks are more important than being, but this is a misconception, because, in our world, where we have the idea that being beautiful on the outside leads to success in life, we have the tendency to want to achieve physical perfection at all costs, the makeup of a toned body, a size 40-42 and a perfect face without imperfections.

Unfortunately, this can have negative effects on human beings, even on a psychological level, by experiencing anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

What many people don’t understand is that there is no exemplary physical model because over time the external beauty canons have changed, way back in the past women had to be thicker to be beautiful, while in the present they have to be leaner. So there is no rule that determines what external beauty is and what forms it takes. The outer beauty tends to disappear and fade away, while what remains throughout all our life, is inner beauty, how the person really is deep inside. We must realize that we have a body, but above all a soul, and we must learn to see beyond it because, as the Little Prince says: «what is essential is invisible to the eye».

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