According to experts it’s very important to do physical activities, because it permits you to keep a healthy weight. Very often we spent free time in front of a computer or smartphone, in spite of doing a pleasant escursions in the nature.

For instance, research has discovered that walking for some hours in the countryside may help people to relax; (interesting, when you walk you can use headphones and you can listen to music, this can be an additional support to your relax).

Doing physical activity helps men and women to make new friendships. In other words, when you run you can do it with some other people. Doing sports activities with friends can make it more fun. From our point of view, exercising with a friend is a great way to keep you even more motivated.

Every time we go out to run with our friends, and we come back home, we may feel very good after a shower. (not only… but also, physical activity stimulates us various brain chemicals that may leave us feeling happier).

Along the years we think that a daily routine exercise helps people to keep your heart,  maintain bones and muscles strong. For example we note that men and women that, along the years usually do sports, are always in good health conditions.

If you have a dog you can use it for improving your body shape and you may walk with this one with friends and many other dogs. If you don’t have a dog you can always use a bike, a scooter or skates.

Taking every thing into consideration, doing physical activity is very very important for you and for your body!



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