Photography, such a beautiful form of art, born in the ‘800s, some use it as a job, others just like to take photos with their phones for their social media pages.

I personally am a “photography guy”, I have been doing photos for six years, and always loved it since.

But how can photography help you to disconnect from the rest of the World?

Well, it’s pretty easy, and you don’t even need an expensive equipment, you just need to take your phone, put on some earphones to listen to some music and go around your city taking pictures of what you think might look good, maybe go to some particular places, the environment is very important in photography, you don’t want it to be too confusioning and you want it in a way that delivers the message easily. 

Of course a picture doesn’t necessarily need a hidden message or a profound meaning, as long as it looks good and you like it, that is enough. 

This is just my way of seeing photography, when I can, I always try to bring my camera with me, because I think that there are nice things to be seen everywhere in the world, and walking across the city, with music on and my camera just makes me feel good, and it’s one of my favourite things to do.

Try that out, when you are stressed, feel sad, or just have free time, it will be a good experience, and you can also share the photos on social media to let other people see your work.

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