“Per questo mi chiamo Giovanni”

“This is why my name is Giovanni” is a novel by Luigi Garlando, published in 2004. The narrator of the book is a 9-year-old boy named Giovanni born and raised in Palermo.

A few days before his 10th birthday, his father Luigi decides to tell him the story of Bum, his plush chimpanzee with burnt feet. 

The next day the two will go to the sea and take a tour of Palermo, from here the history of this city will begin and above all the story of a great man; this fellow is one of the most important personalities in the fight against the Mafia, he managed to arrest hundreds of mafiosi (forty-one bis), a very uncomfortable character for the mafia, who cost his life on May 23 1992, in addition to the judge, four other people died, his wife, and the officers of the escort. 

The book is written in very simple language and manages to strike the imagination of younger readers like me. 

I liked this book very much, it introduced me to a great man who sacrificed his entire life to save his city from a great evil, “the mafia”. 

This great man is the judge Giovanni Falcone.

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Lisi Martina


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