Malta English Internship by Study Plus

Students from the Istituto Tecnico Nautico Caio Duilio in Messina, with the company STUDY PLUS, are carrying out an internship related to the PCTO project at our English school in Malta (ESE school) from 1 May to 6 May 2022.
A second group leaves on Sunday 8 May and returns to Messina on Friday 13 May 2022. The trip was organized by Study Plus.
During their stay in Malta, organized by Study Plus, the students will have the opportunity to follow lessons in English at the ESE school, while the afternoon is dedicated to the alternation schoolwork at the shipbuilding industry “Maritime” in Malta.
We are receiving a lot of positive feedback from both the students and their accompanying teachers, about the company Study Plus and about Malta, who are particularly enthusiastic about this fantastic learning experience.
Here are some photos they sent us.

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