I would like to talk to you about my great passion:football. Ihave practiced this sport since I was five.When I was child I used to watch on television some boys running after a ball and I didn’t know why, but I fell in love with this sport. For this reason, I decided to join a football club because there I would have learnt the techniques to become a great footballer. I love playing under the rain. It’s a beautiful emotion to perceive the water that slips on the body while you run on the green lawn. I love football, so I am also a fan. My favorite team is “Inter” and its matches are sacred for me. I remember when I witnessed for the first time in a live game. The worst thing that happens when you go to watch the live game is that there are often quarrels between fans. It’s a terrifying thing. Fans sometimes stop, but other times the police must intervene. But I think that this is an experience to try.



Agugliaro Massimo


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