Today’s society is very changed than the past one; as a matter of fact we can also see the differences in our parents’s acts.

Nowadays youth have got more freedom and they can do what they want to do. This problem is caused by the development of tecnology and ‘cause of the education of children. Youth can’t live without tecnology ( personal computer etc. ).

it has its pros and cons [ ha i suoi pro e contro ]: it could be a good thing ‘cause personal computer can be used for studying but at the same time it could be a bad thing too ‘cause it can distract with chat and forum.

Another important invention of modern times is that of the mobile phone. While our parents can always call when they want and know what we are doing and where we are, on the other hand the mobile phone is not always used correctly.

We young people make a real abuse of it.

Today our parents are afraid of their children’s future and become protective and intrusive. We children think that our parents’ behavior is too exaggerated, but I think this is good because the new society is much more difficult and it is important to have our parents around as teachers of life.

I have a good, balanced relationship with my parents.

There is no lack of contrasts and we often disagree, but in the end I always follow their teachings because I think they always act in my interest and for my good.

Together we share a lot of things like travel, interests, sports and the time I like most to chat with them is during meals.

We find ourselves sitting at the table together and we discuss and tell our days.

I hope someday to become a responsible parent … in the meantime I feel lucky and love my family! 

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