The island of Pantelleria is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. This small,hilly island is a popular tourist destination. In the island, a lava flow and erosion have created a large shape of an elephant that quenches its thirst in the sea. Today, it’s a symbol of the island and it has also been included among the most beautiful arches in Italy. Pantelleria is situated between the Sicilian and Tunisian coasts.The island has a volcanic origin and there are still a lot of phenomena of secondary volcanism.The climate is Mediterranean and tempered by sea winds.  The island has an ancient rich history and it was inhabited from prehistory. So,you can see things from the bronze age like tombs, huts, vases, fortified walls.  One of the island’s main attractions is the famous “ mirror of Venus” which is a natural hot mineral water pool. The island is well known for its capers as well as for the sweet passito  and moscato. It offers an interesting blend of sea, beaches, hot springs and delicious Mediterranean cuisine.





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