Pandemic situation

It all started with very strange pneumonia in a very populated Chinese city; those suffering from this strange pneumonia could not get close and have contact with other people because it ended up infecting family members and innocent people. China but in other cities, metropolises, and even nations. In a few days, the whole world is infected, in the hospitals, there is a lot of disorganization because of all those patients with that pneumonia there is panic not only in the hospitals but also inside the homes of the people who suspect an instant closure of supermarkets ends up buying everything to stay at home without going out shopping for as long as possible.At that time the streets were deserted and on the balconies, you could see all people hanging up placards perhaps made by children who until recently went to the playground and were now forbidden. Monday 9 March 2020 this date was the beginning of a real pandemic war, Italian politicians decided to lock the Italian people in their homes and to leave their homes only for great needs such as shopping in the supermarket closest to their home or the purchase of medicines or a visit to the elderly mother who cannot do anything alone; for any unnecessary exit there were the police who controlled the residence, asked the reason for the exit and if the exit was not necessary, they gave hefty fines that made you want to go out. period taking a normal walk, going on an excursion somewhere, and traveling was the dream of every Italian who perhaps before it seemed like a nuisance to go out and take a walk but at that moment he would have given everything for his freedom. Finally, 2 months later it ended the lockdown was on May 18, 2020, after this day but nothing was finished at all, there were colored areas in each region that prevented the exit up to a certain distance, in some schools, there was still a distance learning and the obligation to wear masks was still there and then to go anywhere you needed the swab to check your outcome, then in December vaccines were introduced and there Italy seemed like an asylum there are those who wanted to get the vaccine and who did not, creating more confusion and more cases, but then a few days ago the emergency ended which does not mean not being careful rather than being even more careful not to repeat everything again.

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Antonio Di Mauro


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