Outer Banks 3

The article by Matteo Rossini, “Outer Banks 3, begins the production of the new episodes”, communicates the recent news of the release of the new season of the series Outer Banks 3, recently confirmed by the same Instagram page of the series. Outer Banks is a very acclaimed series by young people, which has been a great success on Netflix, for this reason the second season of the series has been confirmed before and now until the third time.
the first season of the series is about a group of teenagers, the “Pogues” who live in the poorest and most maladjusted part of the island on the edge of legality. The parent company, John B, has lost his father for nine months: he has in fact disappeared while he was in search of the treasure of the Royal Merchant. Then he decides to look for his father and also the treasure, he convinces his friends Kiara, Pope and JJ to follow him. From here, there are also events related to friendship, love, drugs.
The second season instead focuses on Sarah and John B, after having run into a hurricane to escape, are reported missing. They are rescued by a sailor, and once back home and reunited with their friends, they have to deal with reality: Ward Cameron and his son Rafe are looking for them and are hatching a plan against them.
The second season ends with a dramatic scene, Kiara, jj, jhonB and Pop, in order to save Sahara and the cross of Santo Domingo, board the Cameron ship, only to end up being dramatically dispersed on a desert island. in the third season ?! Maybe new loves and always new adventures just like pouges. Will these poor guys get justice and JhonB will be able to avenge his father? but who knows maybe Big Jhon will reserve other surprises for us!
The series has probably been a great success thanks to its ideals of friendship, loyalty, trust and socio-economic differences, which do not count towards the affection between friends, whether you are a kook (belonging to the wealthy part of the island) or un pouges (you belong to the Cut, the poor part of the island) you will always be accepted.
And are you a / a pouge or a / a kook?

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