Out of the world Championship!

Italy out of the world championships

Italy for the second time is out of the world championships without even playing the playoff final with Portugal.

It was a difficult elimination to accept as we went from winning the Europeans to not going to the world championships.

Many people think that the Italians have won only by good luck, but the Italians deny them saying that during the Europeans they were able to go beyond their limits but then they got lost.

If Italy were to recover it will return to play a world championship in 2026, twelve years after the last time.

But now nothing can be taken for granted.

  Former Juventus star Roberto Baggio said this week it was “shameful” that Italy were not automatically allocated a World Cup place on the basis of their Euro 2020 triumph. There has been speculation Italy could get in through the back door if Ecuador are thrown out, after FIFA opened disciplinary proceedings into allegations the South American team fielded an ineligible player in their successful qualifying campaign.

According to Gravina, head of the FIGC, now is the time for Italy to accept their fate, however painful it might be. “A few weeks ago we launched a new way of working,” Gravina told Italy’s Sky Sport. “We said that we must work trying to be, all together, focused on regaining credibility. “We know very well that it is not easy, and we know that there are critical issues, but credibility is linked to a very delicate phase, that is to eliminate everything that makes us not very credible.

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