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After the coming of the pandemic of COVID-19, the world has been in trouble. Now, more than ever, the governments must have a head of state really qualified. On this purpose, in Italy, a few days ago, the 13th President of the Republic, was elected: Sergio Mattarella, again for the second time, after the first term of seven years. He was born on 23rd July of 1941, in Palermo, and he has always belonged to Italian politics. In fact, his father was Bernardo Mattarella, the founder of the Christian Democracy Party, which Mattarella has joined since he was young. In this last decade, Italy has passed through many problems; even the politicians didn’t know how to solve these issues. Despite it all, we are still here because, in some ways, also Mattarella has helped our country. Our President, throughout this time, since 31st January 2015, has served Italy, contributing to maintaining stability in various fields. Nevertheless, our nation hasn’t come out from the economic crisis yet; in the last two years our situation has degenerated and unfortunately, many Italians aren’t doing well. However, the real skill is to always get up and overcome problems, like Mattarella is doing now. He has shown to be a great person, who can make good decisions for the Italian people, especially because now, after seven years of mandate, despite he has expressed his intention to withdraw from politics, despite this hard time, he has accepted the so-called “bis”. He decided not to leave us, to offer us support within its means, and although nobody is flawless, he has led our Italy during these seven years so well that all the Italians have wished they became fourteen. Because it isn’t only his cleverness, it’s also his figure, who has cheered up almost everyone during these years, that we appreciate.

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Irene Milone


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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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