Our generation

All people belong to different generations: Generation X, which includes those born between 1965-1982, that is the generation of our parents; Generation Z or our generation since we were born between 2000-2012; finally we find the most recent, that is the Alpha Generation which includes individuals born after 2012.  We, as members of Generation Z, are considered as “digital natives” because, since our birth,  we have always been used to the Internet and to its use in all the activities in which it is required. Of course there are positive aspects for all of us who use the Internet to find information, but at the same time it is difficult to distinct between online and offline life. Nowadays, due to social media, we cannot fail to show the world any aspect of our life, so smartphones have become an essential device that, in some cases, has substituted friends. When we go out, in fact,  instead of talking we prefer  the company of our cellphones, or sometimes we stay at home playing videogames instead of spending time with friends.  If we  compare our generation to that one of our parents, the only thing we can notice is that  they did not have all those technology  we enjoy, but they seemed to be much happier  because they appreciated  the little things, that in some cases meant to have friends.  In the future our generation will improve technology, we will be more open mind but if we  keep wanting only material goods will we be able to understand what is  fundamental  in life? So we would like to ask  our own generation a question: “Are you still convinced that this Generation Z is the best?”

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Carbone Alessia, Moussa Hadil, Mabrouk Farah, Seferi Mateo


3 C Liceo Scientifico ” Q. Cataudella” Scicli ( RG)