Our Christmas Habits

Christmas is a festival that people love celebrating with their families and loves ones. They make the Christmas tree and the crib all together and wait for Christmas to come.

On Christmas Day, after the Mass, people have a big lunch. We have “lasagne” and meat and as dessert some sweets and the traditional “Panettone”. After lunch we open the gifts Santa Claus left under the tree and then we play cards or table games with our relatives and friends. The Day after , on “St. Stephen’s Day” we have a big lunch again and we spend the afternoon playing games. Another time to stay together is New Year’s Eve (December 31st). We have a big dinner with chicken and potatoes and we eat the “zampone” with lentils, that bring good luck. We watch TV. On TV there are concerts or other funny programs and we start the countdown with the TV presenters. At midnight we celebrate the New Year with sparkling wine. We have a lot of good food on January 1st, too. Then we wait for the “Befana” on January 6th that puts chocolate, marshmallows and sweets in the socks near the bed or under the Christmas Tree. In the evening, we usually have a pizza. Our favorite pizza is with frankfurters and chips. We eat a fantastic “Tiramisu” as dessert.

We always have a happy Christmas and we hope all children are as happy as us with a lot of gifts and love.

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