Bullying, unfortunately, is still very widespread today, which is why this has to be remedied.

Unfortunately, every day we see more or less serious bullying against boys, especially in adolescence. Often this is verbal bullying where a group of guys teases a boy or girl a little more shy and reserved, making him/her feel wrong and unsuitable for all of them.

In the most serious forms, we see scenes of real violence where many boys are badly beaten or even killed because the fury of the pack becomes uncontrollable. Another form of bullying occurs when the bullied boy is traumatized to the point that he considers his existence useless and is convinced to harm himself or to take his own life.

To put an end to this phenomenon, it is necessary to educate and sensitize the new generations and make them understand that this type of behavior does not make them become more powerful or more important as they mistakenly think they are but only makes them uncivilized and stupid people.

To ensure that this message is spread it is necessary that the family, the school, and above all the social networks divulge a single culture of being civil and altruistic with each other so that this horrible phenomenon is not suppressed.

On the occasion of this phenomenon, a day has already been proclaimed in memory of all the children victims of bullying which is February 7th. Of course; it is important that every day each of us takes action by denouncing any type of bullying or violence that we witness without hesitation. All bullied victims should be encouraged to talk to an adult and get help!

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My trip in Malta gave me very good feelings! First of all, the school environment was very nice, and the teachers were.  very gentle and

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