What are organic products and how do they differ from conventional products?

The word organic is an abbreviation of biological, i.e. natural means are used to grow them, whereas traditional products use chemicals.

First of all, this type of product is widespread in many countries around the world, but it is not present in all sectors, for example in ready meals while the most widely distributed products are confectionery products.

Agence Bio’s analysis of organic products outlines the advantages and disadvantages of this type of food.

Certainly, from a price point of view, it is cheaper to buy common products because they are cheaper than organic products. In fact, the price is the most criticized thing about this type of food.

On the other hand, if we consider the health point of view, it is better to buy organic products because they are fresher and at the same time they are seasonal products, so you can be sure that they have been grown in a natural way.

Another thing is that if we talk about organic products we are talking about products that are 0 km, that is, they are grown and then sold directly to consumers, so we will buy them directly from the farmer. Whereas if we talk about traditional products, in most cases, as I said before, they are grown with chemicals and also before they reach the supermarket fruit shops they make huge trips around the world and often we don’t know where they come from and how they were grown.

As in all things, there are positive and negative aspects.

In my opinion, we should try to introduce organic products in our cuisine, finding a balance between these types of products and traditional ones.

Nowadays you can find organic products even in supermarkets, so it is easier to buy them. Normally I don’t do the shopping, but for some years now my mother has started to buy some products that are part of the organic department, for example, every Saturday she goes directly to the market to buy fruit and vegetables instead of buying them at the supermarket, this is very important to allow us to grow up with a healthy diet.

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