We often hear about the 2030 Agenda and its 17 goals contained in a major action plan signed in 2015 by the UN member countries, with the commitment to achieve them by 2030. 

All states must be involved in the responsibility to create a better world and hand it down to future generations. The 17 goals specifically address the major themes of our present and our future: environmental protection, the fight against poverty, injustice and inequality, the quality of education and health, equality between men and women. These are ambitious goals, especially in a world that in many ways is going in exactly the opposite direction, but their purpose is not to outline a perfect world, which does not  exist, but a better and sustainable place, in which people can grow by solving their problems, without harming the environment. 

The goals answer the question: in which world would it be preferable to live? An interesting question to ask is: what can I do as a citizen to go in this direction? First of all, it is important to reduce waste, recycle, save energy, and it is essential to save water. The cooperation and collaboration of all states is fundamental to guarantee the development of future generations.

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