Olympic Games

The Summer Olympic Games are a multidisciplinary, international sporting event, scheduled for leap years, organized by the International Olympic Committee. The Olympics are the most possible in the world of events of this type, and present a variety of sports greater than that of other similar events.

The Olympic victory is generally considered as the most representative result achievable in any sporting result, with the exception of football and a few predominantly team sports, for others which are also disputed world titles that are very successful and whose conquest of the world turns out to be far more important than the Olympic gold medal. Generally the participants represent each of their nation of origin, in case the one of which the citizenship belonged. The winners are awarded a gold medal, the second goes a silver and the thirds a bronze. This tradition began in 1908. Since 1924, the Olympic tournaments of ice and snow sports have been held on the occasion of the Winter Olympic Games.

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Chiara Cammaroto


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