Number 10 retires

On 21st March 2022, after months of negotiations, Juventus confirmed that Dybala’s contract, which expires at the end of the season, will not be renewed; thus sanctioning the farewell of the player. Paulo Dybala, after 7 years, sees his adventure with the Juve shirt stop. Joya will not renew the contract expiring in June and today (May 16th) he finally took leave of the stadium crowd, taking the field as a starter in the 2-2 draw against Lazio. At 17th, after Chiellini left the scene, he received the captain’s armband and wore it until 78th, when Allegri took him off the pitch to make room for the young Palumbo. The farewell to Juve of Giorgio Chiellini and Paulo Dybala at Juventus Stadium is thrilling, the former has chosen to retire, the latter will look for a new team. Meanwhile, at the stadium there are those who cry and are moved, for the last farewell to the two black and white flags. The fans, before and after the match against Lazio, which ended 2-2, paid homage to the two players. Shoes from today on the nail for Chiellini. Dybala, on the other hand, after failing to renew with the “bianconeri”, is looking for a new team. Inter has opened its doors for him, with Maratto who would be more than happy to welcome him. But the Argentine is also looking abroad, where there is more than one team ready to receive him. First of all Tottenham, with Antonio Conte, who would welcome him with open arms after having coached him at Juventus. The standing ovation of the whole stadium and the tears of several fans immediately touched the heart of Dybala, who barely held back the emotion at the moment of the greeting with his coach and the return to the bench among the teammates, who have submerged in a collective embrace. Then the traditional round of the pitch for the last autographs and the last handshakes to those who have filled him with affection in the last 7 seasons and finally the liberating cry when the choirs have risen for him from all over the Stadium. To which the repeated and copious whistles reserved for the president Andrea Agnelli are counterbalanced. Thus closes a story to which fate and different economic assessments have decided to make an abrupt cut. Now his next team awaits him, but Dybala’s last tango in Turin will be remembered for some time.

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