Discrimination includes every action and practice that humiliates, threatens or endangers the life of some people due to their physical, cultural or religious characteristics. The International day for the elimination of Racial Discrimination is celebrated annually on 21st March. This date has been chosen to remember 21 March 1960, when in South Africa the police opened fire on a group of black demonstrators, killed sixty-nine and hurt 180. This event is remembered  as the “Sharpeville massacre”.  But what are the most important cases of racism in recent years?

One of these is the story of Willy Duarte, a dark-skinned boy who lived in the province of Frosinone. He was killed in Colleferro during a beating in an attempt to defend a friend in difficulty and died in the ambulance while he was being taken to the hospital.

A lot of social media want to sensitize people to the current problem of racism by launching hashtags and through some video spots with famous people. Also the UEFA football organization has created the anti-racial campaign called No To Racism because in the football world there are often cases of racism.

These initiatives are very useful because sports champions, as well as music or film stars can give young people, especially adolescents, examples of civil behavior and respect for human rights. So, we too want to cry “No to racism!”

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Andrea Guarino, Alessio Barreca, Stefano La Fauci, Matteo Digangi.