Hey, you who are reading, what is the first thing you would do if you had the chance to do anything? Now, imagine you can do it for 24h…

How long has it been since you thought about it, huh? I’d dare answer for you by saying, well, a lot. It’s been two years since we’ve all lived a normal life when our only teenage worries were “I don’t know how to dress tonight” rather than “I have the flu but I’m going out anyway”. The reality now is completely different. The concerns are quite different; before the pandemic, we teenagers evaluated health as something that we believed to be certain, today this is simply not the case. None of this is more obvious and this has certainly affected our way of relating to the world, because let’s face it clearly, in such an emergency situation, it is difficult for everyone to have a relationship with someone directly since the terror of infection in the back of their minds.

I have been able to make some critical remarks in this regard, the focal point is that none of us was ready to drop out our habits and suddenly finding ourselves in front of such a harsh reality has completely changed our life in a very short time, leaving us with no time to think about what was really happening. From my living, in this situation, I realized that it is useless to think about the past and what we could do before.

Without Covid-19, we must dwell to think about today, what is possible to do today in order to fully live our days, to set new goals every day, and to strive to achieve them. We have to be the ones to motivate ourselves to always do our best, not be content with ourselves but aim further. In this regard a personal anecdote of mine, happened several years ago, in which my coach always said that before making a jump we had to look at the horizon, because if we had looked at a precise point on the ground where we wanted to arrive, punctually it happened that we landed even before the target. This short story was brought up to tell you that precisely for this reason if you want to achieve the desired results in life you have to broaden your horizons, nothing is impossible if you really want it; in a certain way, we must have the ability to be our own coaches, never being afraid to push the boundaries of our own abilities and hopes.

In a very short time, we found ourselves catapulted into another reality, such as coexisting with loneliness, with the monotony of everyday life, and with completely new responsibilities. We became able to rationalize everything, from the simplest and most insignificant things to the most significant ones, we had to face the reality that made us grow faster, even if it is not something we wanted to do.

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to live and handle a situation like this every day, but in any case, my friends, we must have the strength to see the light at the end of the tunnel even when it seems that impossibly far away, because sooner or later we will reach the light and when that moment comes, it must not surprise us. For this reason, it is important to create plans for the future now so we can one day achieve these goals. These wonderful years will never come back, so when we grow up and look back I wish that all of us will be able to remember these times, filled with nostalgia and without remorse, although surely we could have lived them in a completely different way, self-pity on these matters doesn’t make any sense.


One of the greatest teachings that the pandemic has left me with is that we must be able to not procrastinate. All that is possible to do today must not be postponed to tomorrow, because remember “of tomorrow there is no certainty; –Triumph of Bacchus and AriadneThe certainties that we have today certainly don’t ensure that tomorrow will be the same, just like what happened to us

Possibly the day before the lockdown was brought upon us, many of us definitely found ourselves in the situation of not wanting to do anything, postponing everything to the next day, but unfortunately, that thing that could not be done because of the pandemic is above all on a personal whim. Before the pandemic, none of us gave the right weight to the small things, which are precisely those that when you are taken away you miss more than anything else. To answer the question I was initially posed within a simple manner: I want to spend time with my loved ones, with my friends, go to school and spend those hours in the company without fear or dread. I want to give all the hugs and kisses of comfort that could not be given in times of need.

I sum up by saying that I would like to fully enjoy interpersonal relationships, have a little more carefreeness, lightness, and serenity that we can no longer have. Before when we had them we were unable to appreciate these moments. We always found something to complain about. Because these moments were taken away, these are the only things anyone would want to get back. Often when you have a thing you don’t appreciate, you don’t give it the right value it deserves, such as happiness which is so fleeting and temporary but it has the power to influence our entire mood, so the message I want to give you is mainly one: “when we’re happy, we have to notice it!”-Kurt Vonnegut.

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Martina D’Angelo


4°B2 Liceo Linguistico Enrico Medi Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto

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