Hi, I’m Paola, I’m 13 and today I would like to tell you how I spent these years of the pandemic. At first, 2 years ago, I was happy that we could stay at home, and actually, during the covid, I liked staying at home, except I couldn’t go to gymnastics, the sport I have been doing for six years.

It was a bit heavy but I have a big house, with a garden and lots of things to have fun with.

In the summer the covid seems to end, and everything starts again in September.

In my opinion, however, many of us are irresponsible, in fact in many countries, the covid is practically finished, while here in Italy some do not wear masks, do not respect the rules, do not get vaccinated and there are infections … Obviously not only in Italy it is like this, however, I am sorry that this situation, together with the wars that are taking place at the moment, shows how people do not think much. But we all worked hard at the beginning, we were in a new situation, we didn’t know how to behave, but we didn’t really make a disaster. My days weren’t so bad but a bit boring, I always did the same things and doing them for a whole year was not the best of situations. Now in reality it all seems almost finished, in the end, we do almost the same things, only with a mask on; maybe we don’t even remember what the real normality was but I really hope that everything will go back to the way it was before because I remember that it was really very nice.

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