“Night of reflection for Mattarella, then yes for stability”

“I have too much respect for Parliament not to accept”. Sergio Mattarella, after a night of reflection, accepts the encore and it is for that sense of respect for the institutions that has characterized his entire seven-year period. He does so by understanding that any other choice would have jeopardized the stability of the government in a very difficult phase for Italy and Europe. He accepts after having heard Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who also convinced, despite his never hidden desire to climb the Colle, that his departure from Palazzo Chigi would have entailed a very serious risk for the country. Mattarella and Draghi confront each other personally on the choice and probably Draghi’s words had an impact on the determination of the head of state.

But in the last 48 hours it had become a terribly concrete hypothesis.

The unstoppable wave of the parliamentary vote with that flood of ballots bearing his name had done the rest.

His denials, perplexities or boxes were of no use. The photos of hi move to the new Roman house are worthless. The wave was now a tsunami.

In his heart Sergio Mattarella knew he could say no. A president who in a hundred and more speeches had invited politics to always have “the common good” in mind and not personal interest, no…. he could not have said no. And he knew it, maybe he feared it.

And this is exactly what happened: Mattarella President again!!!!

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Matteo Iudica



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