New findings in Stonehenge.

These days some researchers have found something truly interesting all over around the monument of Stonehenge: as said in the article “Thousands of prehistoric pits discovered around Stonehenge”, published online on May 9 in the Journal of Archaeological Science ,we understand that so many pits have been discovered all over the place, but what were they for? These pits were probably used for hunting, in fact they could probably be traps for some animals. Their large presence  suggests that during prehistory (before and after the construction of the famous building) Stonehenge didn’t have a simple flat surface, but was instead full of these excavations on the ground. 

We are sure of the human hand for these pits for their shape and the fact that in them have been found the remains of many  stone tools, maybe used for hunting. The oldest pit goes back up to ten thousands years ago, while many others go from five to three thousands years ago; so some were dug after the construction of the monument, which we still can’t figure out what precise purpose had or how it was built by prehistoric man. Someone says it was for agricultural purposes, like a sort of astronomical calendar, or some sort of ancient altar for some unknown prehistoric divinity, or a cemetery.Some even thought it was a haven for ancient healing.One interesting fact about Stonehenge is that during the winter solstice the sun crosses perfectly one of the dolmens, and these facts have always fascinated everyone, because we can’t tell if it’s a strange coincidence or the proof that prehistoric man was ahead of its time.

We can certainly say that Stonehenge is still nowadays fascinating for both little kids and grown ups, and who knows what we’ll be able to find out about it in the years to come, because so far it has always been a pleasant surprise.

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