Netflix is an application that is having great success, both among the youngest and among  adults, the platform allows the viewing of many films and series, some originals of the platform  and others already known, there are different types of subscriptions in such a way that the app is  accessible to as many people as possible. 

 BASIC Plan – Netflix monthly subscription 

 PRICE PER MONTH: € 7.99 / month 

 SCREENS: 1 screen in SD (view on 1 device at a time, in standard definition)  STANDARD Plan – Netflix monthly subscription 

 PRICE PER MONTH: € 12.99 / month 

 SCREENS: 2 screens in Full HD (view on 2 devices at a time, in high definition if available)  PREMIUM plan – Netflix monthly subscription 

 PRICE PER MONTH: € 17.99 / month 

 SCREENS: 4 HDR / UHD 4K screens (view on 4 devices at a time, in high definition and ultra high  definition, if available) 

To save money, you can share your subscription with friends, fun is guaranteed for a period of  healthy series and films, but please don’t overdo it! 

Netflix is ​​the world’s leading on-demand multimedia content streaming service. Launched in the USA in 2007, it has achieved growing success and is now also available in Italy. Here’s what it is and why you shouldn’t miss it.

Since 2016 Netflix also allows Italian subscribers to watch thousands of films, documentaries, shows and TV series through an online platform active 24 hours a day. The subscription has a negligible cost compared to the quantity and quality of the offer, it must be renewed every month and can be suspended at any time.

To enjoy the content, just install the Netflix application, connect to their site, create an account, choose your own personalized package, make the payment … and enjoy the show from the comfort of your home!

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