It’s clear that television has an enormous power on us. It reaches practically all people, since nearly everybody has got it now. Considering that today it actually reaches every home, those who make programmes should pay close attention to what they say and what they show every day. Some people, especially children and teens, could be upset , violence could be instigated in someone else, other could believe in nonsense news and so on. The violence that television may exercise on the audience is found already in the small things: a cartoon, a film, a documentary. Television makes people believe something is real when it is not. Violence is showed in images which only apparently are good, or even through hidden messages.The unauthenticities of television news are a little more serious when the news is read in order to arouse certain emotions, but these changes of reality are true violence on the audience and they are accepted without turning a hair. Violence in television is often stronger , and it can create tastes which are wrong  and dangerous opinions.  According to some reserchers, the effects of TV on our teenagers and children can be destructive for their behaviour. Sometimes they begin to accept violence as a way to solve problems; they imitate the violence they observe on TV; they identify with certain characters, victims and/or victimizers.

That’s way it is important to act in order to protect our children. First of all is important to pay attention to what they watch on TV and set limits on their time in front of it. Secondly, refuse to let the children see shows known to be violent and finally, spent time in more beneficial activities as reading, playing and hanging with friends.

Violence on Tv predicts aggressive behaviour for males and females in childhood. Since very high levels have been reached, things can no longer be controlled if everybody is not a little more selective in choosing tv programmes which are broadcasted by different networks. 



Pecoraro Gaia


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