Navalny loses the appeal, the 9-year sentence is confirmed

Putin’s main Russian opponent, Alexei Navalny, loses his appeal: 

The news of the sentence is reported to us on Twitter by Amnesty International researcher for Russia, Oleg Kozlovsky, who says, in fact, “Navalny will be transferred to a penal colony under strict regime, not only will he suffer even harsher conditions there, but he will receive even fewer visits from family members “.

according to what we know, in fact, the Russian justice, which already two months ago had sentenced him, judging him guilty of “large-scale fraud”, would have confirmed the sentence against the Russian dissident who, during the trial, also considered to be clearly political in nature, connected in videolink with the courtroom entrusted with the case, directly from detention colony where he was detained, he allegedly lashed out at the president of the Russian federation Vladimir Putin calling him a “mad thief” and a “madman who has clawed at Ukraine”.Navalny would later say: “This is a stupid war your Putin has started. It is a war built on lies.” “What do you want to achieve? Do you want control in the short term, fight with future generations, fight for the future of Russia? You will all suffer a historic defeat.”

In the meantime, according to the news reported by Radio Liberty, the Moscow Basmanny court has issued other arrest warrants against four employees of Navalny. Furthermore, according to what Radio Liberty said, in recent days the court requested, during separate hearings, the arrest of Leonid Volkov, the former coordinator of the regional offices of Navalny, of Ivan Zhdanov, the former director of the Anti-corruption Foundation of Navalny and its lawyers, Lyubov Sobol and Vyacheslav Gimadi.

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