Nails can be of different types and are very useful. 

Their story begins a long time ago, when they were mainly used by animals for their defence. Today, nails are used for example to express one’s personality by giving them different forms and colours.

They can even be a passion but they also offer work to many people who are called beauticians. Beauticians have different ways to do nails but always following the requests of the customers, you can make reconstruction, semi-permanent, or simply glue fake nails.

Usually, the most expensive one is the reconstruction because many products are used such as preparers and gels that give the shape to the nail with a file. The forms can be square, squeal, rounded, oval, almond, stiletto and coffin but there are many others.

As the last thing a baked enamel must be applied; it isn’t a normal enamel but one that must be “baked” in a lamp or oven to polymerize thanks to the light rays and is also used for semi-permanent enamels.

These nails can last two or three weeks, then they are damaged. In any case, to remove them it is necessary to go back to a beautician.

Obviously, nails can be done and removed even at home, but only with special objects, precision and knowledge of the risks.

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Irene Sagnibene , Arta Azizi



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