When a society becomes technological and industrialized, the work it produces no longer needs man. There are machines, computers and robots which do the work instead of men. This is a good thing but also a bad one: it is goog since work is done by machines and this means that man works less and can do other less tiring things. It is bad because if there is always less need of men to work, then it will mean that Tomorrow unemployment increases. Moreover, speaking in a rather sci-fiction way, by automizing everything in the future, man might lose the control of his own world, since he will entrust it entirely to a single large computer which will be able to do what it wants to. His reasoning is fantastic, but it is also true that modern computers are already very advanced in comparison with those of only a few years ago; and the things they can do today make one think of the great things that they will be able to do within 10 or 20 years ago. All this technology show salso that where once ten men were needed for a job, today machine is enough. In countries where where the unemployed is rapidly increasing there is also a heavy economic loss, since those people without a job consume but do not produce. As a matter of fact, computers take work above all from labourers, those who work with their hands; but in order to understand and make computers function, technicians are required. Automation has arrived everywhere, and each time, where a machine is installed someone is dismessed. Nevertheless, there is a problem which should not be underrated: in the long run, since technological progress creates advantages but also unemployment, we could find ourselves unable to buy. This might be a great risk.

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Matteo Russo



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