Living in a royal family is not easy at all and if you have the fortune to be a princess or a prince, you need to follow some important rules. Members of the royal family are generally impeccably dressed and besides having experts to help them with their wardrobes, there’s also a list of royal style rules that they’re expected to adhere to. The Queen, for example, always wears bright colours so that she’s visible to all those in crowds who come to see her. But this is not the only rule. Colourful nail polish is not approved at all; national colours are preferred for tour outfits; royal little babies can wear shorts; royal women should wear tights at any occasion; all the members should have a black outfit on their wardrobe, in case any unexpected deaths occur when they’re travelling abroad that require them to attend a state funeral; skirts should be on the knee or just below the knee; only married women can wear a tiara, which is the symbol of a certain social status; royal men wear military uniforms at weddings; girl babies generally wear dresses. Ms Kelly is the person who dresses Queen Elizabeth II since 2002. She refers that the Queen is very accurate in her way of dressing and she pretends the same from the other people. You could make the assumption that the Queen is all about dressing conservatively. In many ways, that is true. However, she’s not afraid of being unconventional when it comes to color choices. The Queen is all about dressing conservatively. In many ways this is not true. However, she is not afraid of being unconventional when it comes to colour choices. Her style is unique, elegant and classic. It’s not easy to be a Queen even when we talk about their way of dressing. Her life and that of the rest of the royal family is not easy at all. However, we can not deny that she is a lovely figure and so I say: “God save the Queen”.

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