“My goal is to inspire hope, not fear. Peace, not violence. Generosity, not greed. And light, not darkness. I will be a president who appeals to the best in us, not the worst.”

With these principles, Joe Biden vows to be President of all Americans, and during the inauguration ceremony at the White House, he delivers his 21-minute speech. Passionate and without rhetoric, he will work for unity and to face challenges and difficulties. The new President, before dealing with political affairs, earned a Juris Doctor, from Syracuse University College of Law, and practiced the profession of lawyer. It should also be known that Biden is 78 years old and he is the eldest President ever elected by the United States of America, and the second  Catholic with Christian faith after John Fitzgerald Kennedy. At just 29 he was first elected to the Senate, representing Delowere, and became the sixth member of the upper house of the United States. Joe Biden swore in front of the Supreme Court of Justice, John Roberts, to loyally fulfill the office of president and to protect and defend the constitution, finally pronouncing “God helps me.” Joe Biden surprised everyone for his industrious and conscientious diligence, in fact, in his first hours as a President, he signed some executive orders, concerning the pandemic and environmental interventions. In the first executive order Biden gives priority to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, inviting Americans to wear masks, in fact Biden is aiming for US readmission to the World Health Organization (W.H.O).From the environmental point of view, Biden has revoked the permit for the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have caused environmental damage on the territories of the Native Americans. Dealing with environmental protection, the conscientious President has revoked more than 100 actions taken by Trump.

“With Biden President, may America no longer be divided and bewildered.”

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Martina Ferlante


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