My thoughts on the end of the state of emergency

My primary thought on the end of the covid is that which in my opinion is not ending yet, yes, the cases are decreasing a lot, but in my opinion it is not a definitive end. On the covid itself I think it has ruined these years and that kids like us need to go out and not stay at home doing nothing, especially on the phone, is the thing I hate the most. We need to go out and have fun even a little walk near the house is much better than being inside the house to get bored. when the covid started the lookdown forbade us to go out. for our age it is mandatory to go out and have fun in my opinion. LEARNING

28% of respondents say that since the spring lockdown there has been at least one classmate who has completely stopped attending classes. 7% say that the schoolmates “missing” since the lockdown are three or more than three. 35% believe that their school preparation has deteriorated.

One in 4 has to recover different subjects.

For 38% of adolescents, distance learning is a negative experience. In general, the main difficulty is represented by the difficulty in concentrating to follow the online lessons and by technical problems due to the internet connection / network coverage of one’s own or of the teachers. Looking at the equipment of the children, almost 18% say they have a device shared with others and 8% find themselves attending classes in a room with other people. Teenagers feel excluded from the choices to combat the spread of Covid, which have seen them penalized in the interruption of school activities in the presence: 65% are convinced that they are paying themselves for the inability of adults to manage the pandemic , while 42% believe it is unfair that adults are allowed to go to work, while young people are not allowed to go to school.     Tiredness, uncertainty and worry are the main moods that girls and boys have declared they experience in this period. And looking to the future, only 26% think that “everything will be as before” and the same percentage believe that “we will continue to be afraid”, while 43% believe that even after the vaccine, “we will be together in a different way, more online “.       Regarding the measures to be taken to remedy the situation, boys and girls seem to be particularly attentive and interested. 69% of them, in fact, have somehow heard about the Next Generation EU and a large part of the interviewees look with interest at the possibilities it could offer for their future. Their hope is that, through this Fund, funding will be increased especially for young people to enter the world of work.

Our commitment to support education

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have taken steps to respond to the exponential growth of material and educational poverty that has mainly affected children and adolescent girls who live in the most fragile contexts.

With “Not alone” we have intercepted the needs of families in difficulty and provided an immediate response to the emergency. We have organized targeted educational support, support and tutoring activities for distance learning, also delivering tablets and connections.

 “Rewrite the Future” is instead the broadest program, which runs over a period of 15 months (from June 2020 to September 2021), to intervene at the turn of two of the school years among the most complex that students have never lived. A program that focused in  particular on combating educational poverty and supporting the most fragile families from a socio-economic point of view and which in six months reached almost 60,000 girls, boys and adolescents.

Let’s rewrite the future: report after 6 months of activity

The results obtained give us hope, but our commitment to save the future of millions of children and young people in Italy continues. It is essential to act immediately with forms of educational “refreshment” to support students directly affected by the crisis. We must not allow a temporary blackout to prevent them from realizing their dreams. Instead, we must show boys and girls that difficulties can be overcome together.

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