This pandemia has surely changed our life. Until the beginning, our Italy has been divided into colored zones and lockdowns of different types. They should have kept infections under control and reduce pressure into the Hospitals. The effects of restrictions have been positive, but nobody can imagine their negative effects on our psychological inner thoughts. Factors such as isolation, home confinement and the weight of general uncertainty have certainly hit our mental balance hard. This pandemis has increased mental distress around the world; after the lockdown, the risk of the appearance of post-traumatic stress symptoms in the population actually has increased. According to scientific researches, the stress generated by the pandemia in the population is mainly linked to concern for their health, the perception of not being able to protect themselves and their loved ones. social isolation, imposed by confinement, and fears related to the immobility of the economy. When the pandemia started, the first lockdown was a trauma for everyone. Human beings are naturally free and the idea of being closed into our houses was surely a terrible experience. Imagine children, kids and teenagers without the possibility to run freely in the parks, or without the possibilità to socialize with the other mates at schools!!. Terrible. The pandemia has robbed us our liberty and joy of life. On the contrary there are people who feel themselves superior to the virus and they do not take the necessary precautions by showing off carelessness; those with obsessive traits will precisely follow the rules on hand cleansing, safety distance and mask; those with paranoid traits will tend to think that it is all an invention to control us; and finally there are people who are against vaccines, which I believe can save us from illness and, in estreme cases, from death.

I believe that this pandemia has changed our idea of life. It has brought us to a loss of confidence towards the other people. No more kisses,  hands are no longer squeezed, hugs are better avoided. Our behaviours have changed. We need to come back to our normal life, to run freely, to go to school without fear. We need our freedom!

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