My passion: “Cosplay”

One of my favourite passions is making cosplay. Cosplay is when you dress up as an anime or a film character.

Every year in many cities there are comics fairs. The most famous in Italy are Lucca Comics (, in the north of Italy, and Etna Comics (, in the south of Italy.

Lucca Comics is in October, Etna Comics is in June and they both last four or five days. In these fairs there are many comics, action figures, stuffed animals and weapons stands.  A lot of people are dressed up in cosplay and you can take a lot of pictures with them.

Usually, in the evening, there are concerts of famous Italian cartoon singers like Giorgio Vanni and Cristina D’Avena.

I started making cosplay in 2017 and my first cosplay was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter’s films.

In 2018 I went to Etna Comics dressed up as pokèmon trainer. Instead, in 2019 my grandmother sewed me the dress of Temari, a character of Naruto.

The last I did was a couple cosplay with my sister – we were Inuyasha and Kikyo from the anime of Inuyasha. We made a photoshoot in the woods.

Why don’t you try it out? It’s fun!

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