Hello everyone, I am Antonio and I am 13 years old, today I will tell you what I think about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

I think this war is an insult to all those who died and lived in the period of the Second World War, that while they died and waited for their loved ones they thought that future generations would no longer have the problem of war, thinking that the mistake made by those who ruled at the time would never be repeated, because they imagined that as the years passed the man had finally understood that war brings only destruction, poverty, terror and sadness…

Those who govern the nations of today do not understand that there is no difference between a citizen of one country and another, but there is a citizen of the world, therefore because bombing, destroying a nation, or exterminating citizens, is like injuring oneself and destroying one’s home, in this case, the planet earth.

We should be grateful for the wonderful places, the great creations of man that surround us and not destroy them.

War is an insult not only to those who died in World War II and all wars but also to those who lost their own life to bring some humanity and rights to this planet.

Let us not make the death of all of them in vain.

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Antonio Di Mauro


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