My lockdown

Dear Diary,

well, what can I say?, in January 2020 it all started.

In that year there were news, which said that a virus called “Covid-19” were spreading around the world and that it could even lead to death.

The disease took many people away from us, friends, relatives and parents but it took away our happiness and it brought the fear of being hugged or being too close. That year was a shock for everyone, everyone bought masks on masks and at the beginning the masks also finished in all pharmacies and we didn’t know what to do. The shock was also caused by the quarantine that forced all people to stay at home. In order to reduce covid 19 infection, even the schools were closed and we had to connect from home for distance learning .

In the months that passed, it was only possible to make a video call with relatives such as for Christmas and Easter.

At school the trips were canceled and actually our smiles were canceled and our adventures were interrupted.

In summer it was as if everything was ending but in the following months Covid returned as if nothing had changed.

The following year there was the news that they had found the vaccine that diminished the effects of the covid but it started and ended like the previous year: with distance learning and sadness in our eyes.

At the beginning of 2022 various things changed that made a difference.

No more distance learning and for the first time after 2 years we celebrated Easter and Easter Monday with our family and friends, because the state of emergency ended on 1 April.

Our life has changed radically because we have gone from tranquility to the terror of dying from an unknown illness and this terror will not vanish completely but we will remain alert at any time because the virus is still in the air.

The period without a mask has not arrived yet and I will let you know… for sure the first thing I will do is hug all the people I love , to show them that I missed them a lot. In these two years that have passed so quickly I wanted to travel with my whole family and this is what I am going to do next summer.

I hope this whole ends as soon as possible. Bye, see you soon.

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Chiara Infantino


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