My Journey

What a risky journey through the Mediterranean Sea.

It was a choice I made that I won’t make again.

Early in the morning, we drove to the seaside and along the journey we had a car accident, the car got destroyed; later, we were able to get to the seaside.  On our arrival I was already scared and afraid to get on the sea.

I was the first person they pulled on the boat, I was so much afraid. We started the journey and it lasted for three days. But along the line our boat had a problem and it stopped working. We were on the sea for the first two days without any help, the boat was going by itself to different directions. There was neither food nor water for us. The pregnant women and kids were weak more and more. Luckly, on the third day we saw a big ship, we all asked for and they helped us. They also gave us some food and a compass that guided us to  Italy. So far so good we arrived at Lampedusa where they took care of us.

There are lots of stories to tell about the Mediterranean Sea, it has taken lots of lives. Men, women, kids died through this journey.

Mothers lost their children and sometimes even their husbands. Sometimes it happened that innocent kids lost both parents and they got rescued alone. What a tragedy, thousands of lives have been lost in the Mediterranean Sea. We travelers have to stop travelling by the Mediterranean Sea.

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Alagwuonye Chioma Monica


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