Hello , my name’s Rosario and today I’d like to talk to you about a symbol I respect very much: it’s the Italian flag. Our Italian Flag or also called the Italian Tricolor was born in 1794, on the occasion of an uprising that two Bolognese students Luigi Zamboni and Giovanni Battista De Rolandis attempted against the absolute power that had held the city of Bologna under dominion for more than 200 years. Their badge was inspired by the cockade worn by French revolutionaries, but to make a difference they chose to replace blue with green.

This would be my imaginary interview to our national flag:

Rosario: Good morning, Italian flag! Can I call you the Tricolor?

Flag: yes, sure.

Rosario: what do you symbolize and how do you feel about that?

Flag: I’m a the symbol of the people who seek the same goals, Justice, Brotherhood and Equality. I feel very proud to represent Italy and these values. That’s why I stand in front of State buildings, I march with you on the occasion of  important parades; I cry when a sad national event occurs and I’m happy when we celebrate special and joyful events or ceremonies. I’m  waved on all occasions on public holidays and as a symbol of the sporting faith of the Italians in all events where national representatives play. But the most important day is  the Republic Day in Rome!

 Rosario : that’s right! When the centenary of the birth of the flag was celebrated the famous poet Giosuè Carducci compared you  to “the snows of the Alps, the April of the valleys, the flames of the volcanoes”.

Flag: yes, it was a beautiful comparison and he was thinking about my colours:   : my colours are linked to  religion and in particular to the theological virtues, with the white color symbolizing faith, green combined with hope and red with charity.

Rosario: I know you were also proposed as a military flag
in 1796 to distinguish the Italian contingent within Napoleon’s army, in the Cispadana and Cisalpina republics.

Flag: yes and with the defeat of Napoleon, in 1814, I was abolished. In 1848 I was adopted in the kingdom of Sardinia by the Savoy, who inserted their shield (white cross on a red background). With the Italian unification in 1841 I became the flag of the Kingdom of Italy. Following the proclamation of the Republic in 1946, the Savoy shield was eliminated.

Rosario: we respect you, Italian flag!

Flag: thank you! See you on the 2nd June.

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Rosario Marraro- Istituto comprensivo “O.G.De Cruyllas” Ramacca. Docente : Marilena Tamburino




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