Today I will interview Madelaine Petsch, an actress famous for playing Cheryl Blossom on the TV series ‘Riverdale’. I met her on my way to the airport.

Me: Hi Madelaine … how was your experience on the Riverdale cast?

Madelaine: Hi, thanks for the interview … At first I didn’t know anyone from the cast but then I started socializing with Lili, who is also a bit “lost”.

Me: Tell me a little about the friendship between you, Camila Mendes and Lili Reinhart.

Madelaine: The friendship between me, Cami and Lili is a very special friendship, in recent years we have been very in tune. In March we also went through quarantine together to keep each other company and not to be alone.

Me: What about Vanessa Morgan instead?

Madelaine: Vanessa joined Riverdale in Season 2, she is now my best friend. In this period she is a bit sad because her husband abandoned her during pregnancy and therefore in the breaks between one scene and another I make her have a little fun by making videos with her on my Youtube channel.

Me: On the cast you always wore red, a color that particularly characterizes your character, is your favorite color really red?

Madelaine: It’s true, playing Cheryl I always used the color red. However, my favorite color is yellow and not red, on the contrary, I can’t keep it on my nails anymore because I’ve already used it enough on the set.

Me: Is it true that there will be a 5th season? What will it talk about?

Madelaine: Yes, there will be a 5 season but it will be released on Netflix in a few years. The main topic will be aliens called Mothmen who kidnap people and keep them in their spaceship for days and then send them back to Riverdale.

Me: Madelaine, it has been a pleasure to have a chat with you!

Madelaine: The pleasure was mine, thank you

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