Are you one of those who don’t know “Generation Z” ?

Well you’re in the right place! It refers to my generation: guys who were born between the years 2000-2012, after the birth of the web.

We are digital natives, immersed in digital technologies. For our rite of passage from childhood to adolescence it was essential to own a smartphone connected to the Internet.

We love staying together on our mobile phones, texting with our friends, surfing the Internet and using the social media- the new form of social interaction among us.

We don’t always distinguish friends that we have met on line from those we have met in the real world, because we feel that on line communities are just as important as the real ones.

However we do not use the Internet and electronic devices just for socializing or for entertainment. They are new opportunities through which we learn new things in a freer way than we might ever do at school.

Adults do not understand that and consider only the negative aspects of our being always connected. Comparing us to our parents, they did not certainly have all our technology; maybe their life was easier and happier because they appreciated the little things and knew what was fundamental in life.

Despite this interesting point of view we cannot forget the enormous opportunities we have.

We are confident that our generation will be able to revolutionize the world: there will be no illiteracy, everyone will have the opportunity to learn for free; new discoveries will be made in the scientific and space sector, giving rise to the setting up of human colonies on habitable planets.

We hope you have understood what generation Z is and that all the negative considerations are forgotten.

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Alessia Guccione, Filippo Gurrieri, Luca Cicero


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