My favourite cartoon: THE FAIRLY ODDPARENTS

Giorgia:  Hi ! Are you ready to watch my favourite television series?

Guys: what are you talking about?

Giorgia: It’s The fairly Oddparents. It was created by Butch Hartman in 2001. In Italy it aired initially on Fox Kids and later on  K2.

Guys: is  it funny?

Giorgia: yes, it is, because it ‘s about the fantastic world of Timmy and his somewhat special parents: two magical spirits who grant all  Timmy’s wishes to solve his everyday problems.

Guys :who are the main characters ?tell us something about them …., please!

Giorgia: ok,  they are: Timmy Turner, Timothy Tiberius.. .Turner  is a 10-year-old boy and the main protagonist along with Cosmo and Wanda.   Denzel Quincy Crocker (or simply Mr. Crocker) is Timmy Turner’s psychologically unstable teacher, he is obsessed with parents Cosmo, Wanda…

Guys:  ok , it seems to be really interesting and  it deals with everyday life and problems and family too.

Giorgia: that’s right and it is educational too. Let’s go and watch it!

Guys: ok, Giorgia, good idea, see you later!

Guys: Bye !

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Giorgia Marino


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