My All-Time Fave The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian is the most trusted newspaper in Britain as well as being the most read quality news outlet, and the most popular quality news outlet among younger readers. It was launched in 1998 and has influenced many online websites. It had been a winner for the best online newspaper for years.

In addition, more than 97% of online readers think that reading the Guardian is time well spent, which is the highest score among all national publishers in the country. The figure rises to 99% among Guardian print readers.

Readers of the Guardian website were also substantially more likely to say that they felt a close connection to the outlet, that it offered them something they could not get elsewhere, and that they trusted its reporting. The Observer topped the equivalent rankings for Sunday newspapers.

Unlike many others, the Guardian has no shareholders and no billionaire owner. Just the determination and passion to deliver high-impact global reporting, always free from commercial or political influence. Reporting like this is vital for democracy, for fairness, and to demand better from the powerful.

The network has been boosted by the Iraqi conflict as internet users around the world turn to the web for breaking news.

The news that struck me the most is how football stands together amid the war between Russia and Ukraine. Despite all the challenges and conflicts they still show some support to their football counterparts.

Ukraine’s World Cup play-off against Scotland could be deferred as football authorities try to ensure the country has a chance to qualify for Qatar 2022.

In a further change prompted by the invasion of Ukraine, Poland is expected to be confirmed as having a bye into a play-off final after Russia’s ban from international football was enforced on Monday. The Scottish Football Association wrote to its Ukrainian counterpart this week offering support and is willing to accommodate any arrangement that would allow the match to take place. A statement from the SFA said: “The Scottish FA president, Rod Petrie, has written to his counterpart at the Ukrainian Association of Football to send a message of support, friendship, and unity. Football is inconsequential amid conflict, but we have conveyed the strong sense of solidarity communicated to us by Scotland fans and citizens in recent days. 

“We remain in dialogue with Uefa and Fifa regarding our men’s Fifa World Cup play-off and women’s World Cup qualifier and have offered to support our Ukrainian colleagues’ preparations as best we can in these unimaginably difficult circumstances.” I almost broke into tears but anyway.

The Guardian is the online newspaper that has most interested me, I never get bored reading their headlines and news and also you can read news offline. I even get notifications on every breaking news for example when Russia first attacked Ukraine, I received a notification very early in the morning and was like God in the world about to end?!

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