Hi guys!

Today I want to talk to you about the MANESKIN!

The MANESKIN are an Italian rock band, but mostly they are four young Roman guys who managed to realize their dream. Little by little they conquered Europe and recently the UNITED STATES which got to know them thanks to the success of their BEGGIN cover.  The four members are: DAMIANO (voice), VICTORIA (bass guitar), THOMAS (guitar) and ETHAN (battery). They achieved notoriety some years ago thanks to the talent show X FACTOR, but this year has been really magical for them, in fact in February they won the music festival of “SANREMO” with the song “ZITTI E BUONI” and then also the “EUROVISION CONTEST”.

Besides they won also the “MTV AWARDS” as the best rock band and this was the first time for an ITALIAN band. Lately they performed in the UNITED STATES opening the concert of the Rolling Stones.

I love a lot these guys, because for me they represent strength and tenacity.              I think that following these two ingredients we can all try to make our dreams come true. I look at these guys as idols and when I think about my future, I hope to achieve my goals like them and to find true friends next to me.

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